Looking To Become An Auto Parts Franchise Entrepreneur?

With the exceptional experience and understanding of both the franchisor and franchisee's franchising issues, we will help you navigate the complexities of franchising process. 

At The America Autotech Inc, our mission is to help you achieve sustainable goals that meet your needs and help you avoid costly mistakes. You'll be able to fast track your business growth and build long-term wealth through the franchise business. 

ready to start your auto parts franchise business?

Your Franchise Relationship

A successful and effective franchise system must maximize the shared goals between franchisors and franchisees while also minimize the risk of disputes.

Therefore, building a sound and productive franchisor-franchisee relationship that both parties can enjoy the "win-win situation" is the key to a successful franchise system. 

In order to build a sustainable auto parts franchise system and business, we help to explain the responsibilities, rights, duties, and obligations of all parties in the franchise relationship. 

If problems arise in the franchise relationship, it is because they usually do not carefully follow one of these three steps. 

1. Understanding Your Goals

Over the years, we've noticed one key attribute that great franchise owners in the automotive industry share is a strong determination of achieving their goals. It may not be easy to stick to your goals and truly understand the opportunities your interests, skills, and business can create. 

That's why we are here. We have the extensive knowledge and experience to ensure that you find the right partner that matches your interests and how the franchisors would mesh with potential franchisees.

How can we help you?

    Find out what is a franchise owner really means.
    Cut through the red tapes you may face in your journey.
    Guide you on building a franchise business that fits what you want to achieve. 

    2. Exploring The System

    Once we determine your capabilities and direction that fits your need, the next step is to explore the global market's automotive industry.

    It can be daunting to find the right partner but we are fortunate to have a wealth of resources and experience to help you pre-screen the franchisees. 

    Also, we work with some of the most successful and recognized franchise companies in the global automotive industry, whether it is the manufacture of motor vehicles, engines and bodies, tires, batteries, fuel, and many more. 

    Ultimately, we will serve as your ambassador, lead you to the franchise world educated and ready to make informed decisions. 

    3. Launching Your Dream

    Our process's final part is to lead you to dive further into the development, plans and all the exciting agreement. 

    We will work with you side by side, setting up the process, with our group of experts to integrate the ERP system, branding and design,  operational, human resource system and many more.

    Besides, you will also have access to all of our training and support, pricing and structure and financial agreement so that you can start building your business efficiently. 

    More importantly, we'll take care all the product sourcing part for you, giving the beset quality and assurance for your clients without hassle.

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