1. Should I enter auto parts franchising world even if I don’t have any experience?

The answer is yes, only if you're interested and passionate about scaling a business with proven process and system.

Franchising is an excellent way of expanding your business and building a sustainable income. 

However, a lot of our partner think that their business is set up not exactly how the franchise business would be. Any profitable business is constantly tweaking its operations to grow faster, and you can achieve this goal through franchising. 

As a franchise consultancy firm specializing in automotive industry, Auto Tech Global is ready to provide a professional opinion, help and support about how you can benefit from our franchise business model even if you do not have any experience. 

To get a professional assessment of your needs and what steps to take in preparation, you'll want to meet for a consultation. Contact Us now.

2. What are the advantages of setting up a franchise business compared to expanding company-owned units? 

There are many advantages to enter the world of franchising and many businesses look at franchising as a good growth option. 

1. Time and Costs - Franchising your business can be a cost-effective way to grow your business. You do not have to start everything by your own such as product sourcing, branding and design, financial agreement, testing different business framework and many more.

All these help you save hundreds of thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours in the long run.

2. Easier management - Your franchise system be integrating with our proven ERP system that you can manage and monitor almost everything in one place. 

Forget about using hundreds of different excel sheet, manual recording or other operational work that is not productive.

Doing all these will save you more time compare to develop your own management system. 

In fact, once your franchise system is in place, your main role will be only to manage and grow the business instead of doing all the time-consuming, day-to-day tasks of business management . Like most of our community, you'll find you're working smarter, not harder. 

Talk to our consultants to get more in-depth information about why you want to franchise your business and how to build a solid system.  

3. I've heard a lot about franchisor/ franchisee disagreements. How to avoid this problem? 

One of the common misconceptions about franchising is that it will lower the level of quality in the business and damage the company brand. 

It's true that when a business grows, the process and structure will need to grow.

The myth that franchising business sacrifices relationship and quality is not true if you have a well-defined system that is according to the procedures and SOP that we've set together. 

There are several keys we will do to minimize the disagreements and legal risks together, including proper planning, draft good legal documents, managing the expectation from the beginning, set up a complete operations manual and continuous training and support. 

4. How does The America Autotech Inc assists companies that are already franchising? 

After working with different franchisee since 2018, we know what works and what doesn't in the automotive industry. 

We are not only helping you to set up a well-defined franchise system, but we also assist the franchisors in reviewing their current system. 

So it's important to know what kind of problems you are experiencing with your current business plan such as:

- Inadequate business sales
- Your relationships with some of your franchisees strained
- Outdated or ineffective legal documents, operations manual and marketing strategies
- You've no idea how to do international expansion through automotive franchising

    If you have face one of these problems, it's time to contact us now. We will give useful guidance and practical solutions to help you turn all these problems into opportunities.

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