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We are a network of qualified wholesale auto parts franchise consultants and entrepreneurs that  helped businesses to achieve their success through our proven franchising business framework and unique approach. 

By integrating our internal enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to the franchise business from operation, accounting, payroll, and other crucial processes, we have helped smoothen our client's entire franchise business journey. 

Our implementation of Online Merge Offline (OMO) strategy in the franchise business framework helps to create more business opportunities and sustainable income by merging traditional business structure into online business.   

Our team will spend time to fully understand your business goals, through proper research, experience, and resources to give proper guidelines to ensure you too, can create a viable auto parts franchise launch plan .

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Setting up an auto parts franchise business plan is a large and complex decision. 

When we explore the potential in the  global automotive market, you’ll have to understand the supply and demand chain in different region, from the demographics, cultural context, legality, due diligence, framework, and more. 

Without a seasoned franchising consultant, these tasks can be daunting, resource heavy and can lead to missteps that may significantly reduce your odds of success. 

An experience franchise company will take considerations of your area into account, helps with all the heavy lifting, organize and streamlines your process, to help you succeed and fasten your process.

Complete Auto Parts Franchising Services

Our expertise and support covers all areas of developing and launching a new automotive franchise including:

Creating a Franchise Model

This includes financial and operational modelling, developing franchise fee structures and franchise territory analysis according to the region.

Producing the Franchise Documentation

This setup includes SOP, operations manual, franchise agreement, prospectus, induction training programme, franchise recruitment system and franchisee business plan.

Franchise Launch and Marketing Plan

We'll work with you on how and when to launch the franchise. This include Branding and interior design support park under franchise launch and marketing plan.

Resources Support

We'll provide support in sourcing relevant auto parts suppliers and wholesale products for your franchise business. This includes analyzing and ensuring quality control measures are in place. 


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The America Autotech Inc's franchising consultants provide strategic planning, market research, sourcing, documentation, business model setup and assistance – all designed to help entrepreneur to scale their business.

We aim to provide personalized and detailed consulting effort, thus currently we only limit the program to three clients at a time.

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